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Hassle-free travel. Convenient, Caring, Cute!

Offering Morning, After-School, Evening AND NOW WEEKEND transportation.

More than just a way to get your kids to school.


ShuttleBee is more than just a transportation service -- it's a networking opportunity for kids and families alike.  Meet neighbors traveling to different schools across the city.  Share check-in responsibilities.  Widen your network and your child's circle of friends.  Travel together as part of a green, socially conscious solution.



Neighborhood routes that improve as we grow.

Convenient for parents and kids

ShuttleBee covers a variety of transportation options, since every route is different.  We specialize in travel by minivan, but from supervised public transit to walking routes, we'll design a route that fits your exact needs, at the best price-point possible.

To start a route, we take the cost of operating -- $80/hour, which includes a 15 minute grace period back to the point of origin, plus a family annual enrollment fee.  We equitably divide that cost across the number of participants. 

We specialize in routine, daily service but can offer alternative route options when parents are willing to share the cost.

Create your own group, or join on of ours.  Join our ShuttleBee Philly google group to see what's now enrolling:

Constant contact with our staff.

CHAt | GPS | Attendance App

These are just some of the ways we keep constant contact with parents.  Running late?  Send a note through chat to parents and staff on the route.  Receive auto-notifications of our approaching arrival through GPS tracking. 

Coming soon -- an attendance app with push notifications on pickup and arrival.  Sign in your child using our check-in technology.  Log your child's allergies, favorite songs, likes and dislikes. 

Inclement weather?  Snow Days?  We'll follow the School District of Philadelphia's recommendations and offer services whereever it's safe to do so.  When possible, we'll utilize public transit in snowy weather, so you always have the safest-possible option available.

Or just call -- we're immediately available for parents when routes are in transit. Always.


A top-notch team.

SHUTTLEBEE Supervisors care

Waking up early in the AM to support children's travel isn't for everyone, but we work with the best of the best.   Our ShuttleBee route will be driven by and/or supervised by a team-member that is fully vetted, background-check compliant, current with emergent-care needs.  They're silly, fun, energetic, and just all around fantastic human beings.

We're here for you.

Because listening to parents is always the right answer.

We've listened to what parents are looking for in an transportation service for their kids -- safe & convenient group travel at competitive pricing.  We are building subscriptions designed to be flexible with the needs of Philadelphia families

We continue to serve Philadelphia families in the most effective way possible.  Our service can only improve with your feedback!


We'd love to hear from you!

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Eighteen reasons that your child should travel with us.

#18: ShuttleBee coordinates efficient travel routes and competitive pricing.

Many of us struggle to get our kids, well, anywhere.  From seat belts to booster seats to traffic, ShuttleBee takes the guesswork out of travel-plans, and the hassle out of commuting.

ShuttleBee coordinates travel for kids.  Parents can self-select groups and arrival times, organizations can coordinate pickups, parents can be matched families who have similar travel needs.  OR we can offer a combination of any and all above.

ShuttBee achieves cost efficiency for routine travel by joining routes with individuals who may not otherwise connect.

Next, the cost of service will be divided against the number of participants.  Participants agree to the terms, the logistics and the demand of travel, and can opt into more exclusive service options (like car-service-level pickup times, alternate drop-off locations or extended travel times).

Once parties agree, they may select an available driver together -- either a driver with experience, or one that needs to go through the vetting process.  Drivers are managed by Transportation Companies, who provide monitoring powered by ShuttleBee.




#16:  ShuttleBee drivers and walking supervisors are our well-vetted neighbors.

ShuttleBee supervisors have completed extensive background checks (including Act 131 Clearances) and an extensive review of seven years of a candidate's address history., medical exams, substance testing and safety training as required by our liability insurance. Beyond that -- ShuttleBee Shuttlers are fantastic with kids.   This diligence is completed by the exceptional team at Global Verification Network (with ties to the Leigh valley and a startup that started an "UBER for kids" in New York.)

We know that not all drivers are still excellent with five excited travelling kindergartners in tow, so we've evaluated our drivers at two points in the process:  We are integrating a test by Diagnostics Driving, an offshoot of a CHOP program dedicated to getting safer drivers on the road.  We also evaluate drivers on the road.  Finally, we'll observe as Shuttlers kindly but firmly interact with children and secure kids in boosters as needed.  Drivers and walking supervisors also have experience in childhood education, and/or extensive experience as parents.

Our Shuttler will handle check-in, supervise the route and engage our travelers with age-appropriate songs and activities.  Since some of our drivers are not excellent singers, we're thrilled that most vehicles come equipped with Bluetooth :)

#14:  ShuttleBee routes are always monitored.

ShuttleBee uses a number of apps to help our route monitors secure safe transit.  You can reach a route monitor instantly while your child is in transit -- by phone, chat or text.

For parents who are looking for alerts pre-arrival, we use Life360 to create alerts.  Download Life360 and we'll send you an invite code to receive texts along the way.

We're also looking to develop mobile apps that can assist with the route monitoring process.



#9:  ShuttleBee reps will ensure that your child uses a booster or a seat belt.

When travelling by car or mini-van, a booster will be purchased as part of the annual enrollment fee as needed.  

Our ShuttleBee supervisors will ensure that your child is secured using this device.  Parents must opt out in writing if children are not expected to use boosters.

#8:  NEW -- Weekend party travel! 

Throwing a party?  Starting in November, we're booking weekend travel -- $80/hour which can cover 5 children and seating for one adult, which includes a "grace" period 15 minutes to return the vehicle to the starting location.  Service will begin in the Center City area.

#6:  Our pricing improves as our enrollment increases.

Our service can be car service.  Or ideally, we're splitting the cost of service ($80/hour) among 10 participants.

We'll offer the very best transit option that fits within our pricing model, so you can expect your rates to improve as enrollment grows.  Super-charged transit options include larger vehicles, and since we're a fee-based service, those savings are passed along to you.

#5:  We offer something unique.

Our routes are pre-established and serve children and their parents.  Public transportation is prohibited from a regulatory perspective from exclusively serving children as they travel to school.

ShuttleBee is here to fill that gap.

#4:  We are fully insured and operate with strict protocols designed to keep your kids safe.

ShuttleBeeis fully insured and conducts background checks on all representatives as outlined by our insurance carrier.  ShuttleBee operates as an entity legally established to conduct business in the state of Pennsylvania.

#17: Pricing is based on the number of participants and the length of travel

Transportation covers daily weekday travel.  Most routes are 20-minute and cover one-way weekday travel on the School District of Philadelphia's schedule.  This includes early-dismissals!

We'll arrange travel for your group, or arrange your group for you.  Once the group is complete, the cost of service will be divided among the participants.

Nothing says "we have your back" by offering a trusted service at a reasonable price.  

Click here submit an inquiry!


#15:  We offer transportation based on age.

Ages will vary by route, but ShuttleBee will serve PreK through middle school students.  Every effort will be made to match kids together of similar ages, with additional consideration given to our youngest travelers.

If we receive interest, we'll begin to chart high school routes.

#13:  Our Shuttlers are just plain awesome.

Kind and in-control, our supervisors have experience in childhood education -- formal or otherwise -- who work now or in the past as teachers.

#12: Your child will have a consistent experience and will get to know their route lead.

Our ShuttleBee reps will know your child on a first-name basis and will ensure they arrive safely at their destination.  We'll assign two drivers to each route, ensuring a familiar face each day.  

There will be exceptions where new employees board a route and for sick days, but kids will regularly experience a familiar face.

#11:  ShuttleBee is consistent and reliable.

ShuttleBee will run during regular operation, on the School District of Philadelphia calendar --  Monday through Friday, including early dismissals. ShuttleBee will operate when school is in session, with flexibility for different school schedules when enrollment levels allow.

#10:  We can not only help you reduce your travel-related anxiety.  We're good for the planet.

We are offering a service that will help improve your morning routine, reduce stress caused by commutes and create a fun transportation experience for your child.  Maybe your morning commute brings you to many locations, or your work start-time is extremely early in the morning.  Perhaps you're juggling logistics with other time-starved parents who would benefit from sharing a resource.  ShuttleBee will offer an opportunity for your child to commute with other children of the same age in a safe, fun environment.



#7:  We understand that lateness occasionally happens.

We’ll be providing GPS tracking for our routes so parents can estimate ETA’s.   If you’re running late, we'll also set up a protocol that will allow you to reach our route monitor -- who can alert drivers and supervisors as needed.  Our ShuttleBee team will react as efficiently as possible without compromising the safety of our shortest travelers.

Alternatively, group travel means that an impact early in the route could impact stops down the line.  As part of group travel, we ask parents and organizations to understand that occasional lateness may happen.

Our goal is to offer multiple neighborhood pick-up options that parents can use on that late-day, because we understand that occasional lateness happens. 


#3:  We're growing!  It's not too early to enroll for 2018-2019!

We know that logistics look different on paper than they do live, which is why enrollment for group travel will end May 30, 2018 and will resume again October 1, 2018.  All routes must be test-driven in real time before service can begin, and we can't effectively test a route before it begins.

Car service will be continuously available.

Please submit an inquiry from our home page to initiate your subscription or to inquire about availability.  We'll reach out, review our contract and procedures with you and establish a start date. 

Payment is due on the twenty-fifth of the month prior to service.  Automated payment methods are requested.  We accept cash, check and recurring debit.

Unless otherwise requested, routes will be offered for the school year.

#2:  ShuttleBee was built with love by a local Mom.

Totally corny & absolutely true.  ShuttleBee (formerly Trolley Express)  was founded by a Philadelphia Mom and is supported by an incredible group of small-business consultants and partners.  Our founder resides in Queen Village with her supportive husband and their five-year-old daughter.  Who loves, among many things, trolleys.

#1:  We need you.

Because ShuttleBee webs routes together between schools all over the city, we need you to make those routes happen.





Yours in parenting,