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Shuttler Profile

This is you!  Our most nerve-wracking component, this is the profile that we'll send to parents and organizations.

Schools will also use your profile to validate your identity and ensure that you are approved to pick up children in your charge.  This is a requirement from our partners.

Once you're fully trained as a routine shuttler, you'll have an opportunity to offer Chauffeur Service on your schedule.  Parents will book YOU, so this is your opportunity to shine.

For top shuttlers, we will host regular professional videotaping.  

Your Profile will include 1) a 250-word personal statement 2) your picture 3) your video and optionally 4) your resume, CV (in a word doc) or any certifications, clearances or awards that you'd like to post to the community


1-minute video

You have ONE MINUTE to capture your client's hearts.

Mention ONLY your first name.  This infomration is given out to customers only, but you are prohibited from soliciting or being solicited for work outside shuttlebee.  We'll review profiles to make sure they don't include any personal contact info.

Talk about you!  We recommend that Shuttlers pick 3 questions to answer:

  • What brought them to Philly
  • What are their career goals
  • Talk to us about your education/experience
  • What is your experience with children
  • How do you spend your free time
  • What is your favorite vacation spot

When finished, upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and send us your link.


When you're finished with your application, please move on to the next on-boarding step, Substance Test.