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ShuttleBee Single-Pickup Overview

ShuttleBee can arrange single-booking, emergency and occasional transportation for our pre-enrolled students. 

An annual family fee of $199 will be assessed once you use our service three times, if you're not already a subscriber.  You can book service online, and we'll confirm availability once the route is assigned to a driver.  Our Hourly  Minivan Service is currently offered at $80/per with a one hour minimum.  Bring Friends!  We can currently pick up six pre-enrolled unaccompanied students by minivan.

Enroll in ShuttleBee for:

Emergency Pickups | Field Trips | Occasional Practices and Events | Sports | Camps

Please note: the on-boarding process will take 48 hours, and may take longer pending our communications with your associated schools and organizations.  We cannot accomidate single pickups until on-boarding is complete.  Thank you!


Step #1: Sign our Contract

By signing our Terms of Service, you're providing permission to pick up your child as requested, and to coordinate  information at your child's schools and organizations that will allow us to coordinate a one-time pick-up or drop- off.


Step #2: Complete enrollment

Add your family to the fold by completing your emergency contact information, and by providing us some information about your children.

If there's anything you'd like us to know about your transportation needs, let us know to reach out!


Step #3: Add pickup/Drop off Locations

We'll reach out to your child's school and activity leaders to confirm arrangements for pick-up or drop-off.

If we don't have one created, we'll build a specific page like this to outline our procedures.

Joining a new school or activity?  Please use this form to send us an update!