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We are approaching capacity for 2018-2019 School year and are actively seeking:

  • AM route riders
  • Afternoon routes
  • Routine evening pickups

Please reach out to connect, or join our Google Group ShuttleBee Philly to review the current status of our enrollment.

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FAQ's about ShuttleBee

How are Shuttlers Credentialed?



















This is the most important part of our business.  ShuttleBee vetting, training and monitoring protocol is over-engineered for safety.

  • Shutters are first and foremost kind and have experience with kids. 
  • Shuttlers pass all Background Checks required by state law to work with children (Act 131 clearances, as required for teachers) which you can find here, and here.
  • In addition, we know that Background Checks need to examine address history outside of PA.  We've engaged Global Verification Network to complete Private Investigation Background Checks, and DMV records are pulled twice annually.
  • Candidates are evaluated on the road in practice and live scenarios, evaluating their ability to kindly and firmly control the setting with children.
  • Shuttlers are trained on boosters and -- as needed -- on car seat installation.  Our standard boosters are here and here, rated for children age 4 and up over 40 lbs.  Boosters are used by all children under age 14 unless we have written permission from parents not to do so -- when travelling in minivans and school vehicles without harness car seats.
  • Shuttlers complete Substance Tests as required by PA law.
  • Shuttlers have their DOT Medical Card and have passed exams by licensed medical examiners.
  • Our Shuttlers also have vehicle experience and are trained to conduct vehicle pre-checks before they begin their routes for the day.  We are working now to credential our shuttlers  as CDL drivers (we've all learned a lot about fuel pumps lately -- take a look at this training material here!)
  • ShuttleBee team members are evaluated on an ongoing basis by our route monitors, who ride with drivers periodically.

We are working on the following initiatives:

  • We are working with an amazing CHOP-spinout Diagnostic Driving to incorporate an evaluation tool for drivers that will identify individual areas of opportunity, and promote targeted coaching.
  • We are working to add breathalyzer evaluations to our routine procedures.
  • We will be incorporated driver skill review devices that can provide feedback and potentially anticipate driver-improvement measures, real-time.
  • We are working to develop a for-fee program that includes live-streaming of in-vehicle activity.
  • Most importatly -- we haven't found attendance and notification tools on the market that meets our expectations.  This is one of the first tools we're seeking investment to develop.

What do you have in the pipeline for 2018-2019  credentialing?









Drivers are evaluated on an on-going basis, with their customer-ratings, on-time arrivals and general adherence to safety procedures tracked and published.

  • Drivers complete Mandatory Reporter Training for completion
  • Shuttlers are Pediatric First Aid and CPR certified within the first three months of employment.
  • Drivers complete mandatory training courses, including parent notification procedures, distracted driving tactics, vehicle on-boarding & loading, report able behaviors and playground oversight, including crossing-guard procedures.  Shuttlers are tested upon completion.

Once on-boarded, what additional training do Shutters receive?








At this time, the ratio for child-to-driver is not more than 9:1.  Our most experienced shuttlers may be offered the opportunity to increase this capacity upon CDL certification.

Additionally, teacher aids and teachers are sometimes employed to wait with students for up to 15 minutes to accomidate group pricing.  Credentialed adults may manage up to 20 students on the ground under these circumstances.

How many children are Shuttlers responsible for at any one time?





THANK YOU for asking, and thank you for always communicating absences directly to ShuttleBee!

Shuttlers may not leave a location without confirming with parents or approved guardians that a student is absent, and this can potentially delay our route, incur costs and delay our arrivals downstream.While we are developing a tool for attendance and correspondence, We use Life360 for all attendance updates -- as well as GPS tracking.

For routine service, we'll send a Life360 invite code that you'll use for every-day transportation needs. Please ensure that you've entered your primary contact phone number, because this is how we'll reach you in an emergency.

For one-time service, you'll receive a new code for each booking.

How does a Shuttler know if my child is absent for routine service?