Follow Shuttle Express Philly on F6S

Route #5:  West Philly



Stop #1: St. Mary's Preschool, 3916 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Text St Mary's team on arrival (list is below)

Call St. Mary's

Stop #2: Powel Elementry -- 301 N 36th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Call Powel

Pick up: Arlo, Ivan, Jordan, Journey, Logan, Louisa, Nora & Sonja (possibly one more)

Stop #3: St. Mary's 

Text St. Mary's group on arrival.  Use code to open door, lead children to teacher hand-off.

Stop #4: Powel


  • Heading to St. Mary's: (1) George (pick up George in first group if anyone is absent)
  • Heading to Children's Community School: (3) James Terry (Kindergarten), Thea Terry& Charlie Jung (First Grade)

In nice weather, Kindergardners against the back wall with teachers.  In bad weather, they're inside.  Jack can help find them, please sign them out.

Stop #5:  Pickup at SLAM -- 3600 Market Street, Philadelphia PA 19104


  • Heading Home: Pickup Lily
  • Heading to Martial Posture: Pickup Jack 

Stop #6: Drop off at Martial Posture/ Move Makers -- 2210 Walnut Street 19103

Drop off Jack

Call Martial Posture/Move Makers

Stop #7: Drop off Lily at Home -- Near 45th and Spruce

Stop #8:  Drop off at Children's Community School -- 1212 S 47th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143

Please drop off Charlie, James and Thea

Call Children's Community School