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Go South Philly

We didn't set out to build an (almost) all-South Philly team (okay, it's a good mix of both South and West Philly now), it just magically happened for us!  We've always known that our neighborhood was super-awesome, and we've been able to find exceptional talent right here in the hood -- from advisers to marketing professionals to business development to area parents looking for a side gig.

And when we all decide to part ways from ShuttleBee, we've decided to flip houses together.

You don't need to be SOUTH PHILLY to join our team, but it helps!

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Meet Quenzell!  Q was an instant hit with the kids from day 1, and is a a joy to work with.

From Q -- "I’m a Physics & Electrical Engineer Major. I am very outgoing. I have vast plans for my future. "



Angelynn has extensive experience in the non-profit world, and has professionally shuttled both children and adults.




When he's not spending time with his grandbaby, Stephen is likely spending time with friends and family out in West Philadelphia where he has worked as a teacher, and also in IT.



A recent Penn State grad with a focus on Criminal Justice, Shelrika is a breath of fresh air. Kind, funny and always supportive, feel free to reach out if you can connect Shelrika to contacts in her chosen field. 



With a PENN graduate degree, Victoria has spent most of her career in working with children in social work.  Victoria is poised to kick off a new chapter, and is on-boarding with ShuttleBee as a Route Monitor. . . any beyond!!!



Charlonda is an educator and is looking forward to starting a masters program.  But beyond that, Charlonda is an entrepreneur at heart.



When he's not playing college basketball, Dashante is carving out his next career move.  Dashante has experience with kids and has worked at an area daycare, always making time for his nieces and nephews.



Molly is experienced in HR and has worked for over a decade as a Nanny.  Our go-to neighborhood friend, Molly is extremely popular in her QV neighborhood.

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Russell has lived almost his entire life in Philadelphia, and returns after spending time to help his sister recover from illness in Las Vegas.  Russell is an excellent driver and has his CDL, and has been giving us at ShuttleBee some overviews on vehicle mechanics.

Russel is great with kids even the task of corraling children off the playground.  Russell has lots of practice, with a large family and 9 grandchildren of his own.

From Russell: "I'm a father , grandfather and I love to help people grow to be the person they were met to be. I am hard working and dedicated to what my visions are in life."