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The ShuttleBee story.

Getting to work in Wilmington on time was already a challenge.  When my husband accepted a travel role, I was suddenly late -- EVERY*SINGLE*DAY.   We tried everything we could think of -- from hiring sitters to joining neighborhood nanny-shares.  It seemed like I was always cobbling together solutions that were both marginally consistent and super-expensive.  

There had to be a way. . . I interviewed friends and neighbors, posted on area listservs and every neighborhood facebook page I could find. It didn't take long before that search for answers became market research.  Over three-hundred interviews later, I realized that I wasn't the only parent who struggled with morning drop-off. And beyond that, there were a myriad of other parenting challenges that centered around getting children safely and consistently from point A to Point B.

ShuttleBee is supported by a fantastic, amazing group of individuals dedicated to ensuring that your little ones travel safely to their destinations.  Please read on!

                                                                                                                                   Yours in Parenting,


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Go South Philly

We didn't set out to build an (almost) all-South Philly team, it just magically happened for us!  We've always known that our neighborhood was super-awesome, and we've been able to find exceptional talent right here in the hood -- from advisers to marketing professionals to business development to area parents looking for a side gig.

And when we all decide to part ways from ShuttleBee, we've decided to flip houses together.

You don't need to be SOUTH PHILLY to join our team, but it helps!

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Edwin Rupert, Recruiting & Relationship Management

With a background in the visual, design, and performing arts, Edwin brings a free-wheeling “get it done” mindset to problem-solving and interpersonal relations.   

With broad experience and varied points of view, Edwin has a gift for executing solutions against start-up related challenges.  Edwin approaches each barrier with a holistic view of our business workflow, and has spearheaded procedures for on-boarding both drivers and key personnel.

Edwin has developed his taste for systematic thought and execution, and joins us with a MBA and a 20-year stint in pharmaceutical market research.

When not directing efforts for ShuttleBee, Edwin enjoys meditation, travel and supporting non-profit work within his community.

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Patty Grant, Branding & Relationship Manager

Patty has a background in brand marketing with over 8 years of hands-on experience building brand awareness and developing relationships in the community. 

Patty will be working with both the schools and families here at ShuttleBee and will be your contact person with any questions or concerns. She loves being involved in the community and is eagerly developing relationships with schools and looks forward to doing the same with ShuttleBee families. 

Patty lives in Bella Vista with her charming husband and two energetic children ages 4 and 2.

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Alex Mckenna, Intern

Alex joined ShuttleBee as an intern this summer, and has developed video content and completed market researech for future business opportunities.

Alex completed a launch of an online retail business -- Nightingale Care Packages --which provides useful, soothing, and delicious gifts tailored to meet the needs of people undergoing treatment for cancer.  Nightingale Care Packages is scheduled to launch in August, 2017.

While studying at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, Alex has served as Co-President of Habitat for Humanity and rowed varsity crew.

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Troy Nelson, Driving Test Administrator

Troy has over thirty years of experience in the transportation sector, and has spent most of that time instructing and testing CDL drivers.  Troy has interviewed every driver we've on-boarded to date, and looks for indications that our applicants are not only excellent and cautious, but that they are also trustworthy, punctual and kind.

Troy has been an exceptional asset to ShuttleBee.

Troy has four successful children of his own, all of whom have graduated from college. Troy represents West Philly, where ShuttleBee has the most subscribers to date. 

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Kristina Fahl, Founder & Travel Coordinator

Kristina has just shy of 20 years of experience in Direct Response Marketing, and left her VP role to launch the company now known as ShuttleBee in April of 2016.  Kristina worked with two Fortune 100 companies and an ad agency on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, developing her skill-set in Business Intelligence and Talent Development. 

Kristina embraces the entrepreneurial spirit and has been overwhelmed by the support she's received from the Philadelphia community.  She also is grateful for families in her strong neighborhood network, some of whom actually don't think she's crazy for taking this on.

Kristina lives in Queen Village with her amazingly supportive husband and her 4YO daughter who loves, among many things, Trolleys.


BIO for our CoFounder and CCO


BIO for our CoFounder and CTO



megan smirti ryerson, Advisor

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Don Gerace, Advisor

Don Gerace has provided technical guidance, RFP development and support for our technical talent acquisition.  

Don is a senior Client Architect working for IBM. He works with large IT accounts both Distributed and Mainframe teams, supporting both IBM and customer executives to assess application availability issues in their current architecture.  Don has successfully addressed technical debt by working with customers to implement DevOPS approach to modernize heritage applications and technologies. 

Don has been an IT architect in the Financial and Telecommunications industries doing application design and integration for over 35 years.