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ShuttleBee Driver Onboarding


Life 360

For families on an AM route, we'll use push notifications via Life360 to notify parents when a vehicle is near a pickup location.

Please let us know when you've downloaded Life360 and we'll send you instructions and ask your notification preferences.

In-Vehicle Monitoring

Drivers will be asked to use in-vehicle monitoring at a future date.


Drivers will be asked to follow the instructions below.  Please log on to your Zipcar account on a computer to set up automatic text messages to extend your vehicle.  Instructions are below.

Operating Calendar

Unless otherwise discussed, ShuttleBee operates on the School District of Philadelphia calendar.  You can find the SDP calendar here.

If we have enough enrollment from a specific school, we will honor their schedule to the best of our ability.

Please let us know about any unscheduled calendar conflicts.  Individual school calendars and monthly conflicts will be posted on each school page.  Please see below for details.


Substance Abuse Policy

Please review our Substance Abuse Policy here.




You will earn up to $200 for any shuttler you refer who works as a primary driver for three months.

  • $100 once shuttler has completed 10 trips successfully
  • Earn $5 per shift that your shuttl-ee works, up to $100.  You will be responsible for ensuring that shuttler reports on time and follows all protocol to be eligible for shift bonus. 
  • Accidents and safety issues will void all referral bonuses.




School Pickup Procedures

Each school has a page that outlines all pickup procedures, points of contacts and calednars -- if different than the School District of Philadelphia.

You can also use this page to reach out to your route monitor using the chat tool: