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Letters to Parents #1

The playground is beautiful and exciting.  We want to make sure that children can take full advantage of their time --- and I assure you that it's awesome to see the kids come alive with activity.

But I need your help with something:

While we're waiting for our shuttle, we're watching several kids from yards away.  When children wrestle, hang on or climb one another, we're worried about injury.  More importantly, were concerned that children could be in compromised situations that we may not otherwise catch.

That's why I'm asking you to talk to your children about our "no contact" rule.  While children are under ShuttleBee's supervision, we're going to ask that they refrain from physically contacting other students, and know that we'll intervene if they are contacted by others.

We've started to socialize this approach, and we've had a positive reception from the kids.  We mainly wanted to make you aware.

We're obviously not concerned with innocuous activity, but we'd like to set a clear and easy-to-follow precedent.

Our ShuttleBee team members are great, but we to not have the same high level skill that your teachers will have, or years of experience.  Shuttlers are generally not educators, and we don't have context or experience with appropriate discipline.  We may not have the skill set to deal with the complexity of interactions between children, so we'd like to limit the likelihood for incident.

What's difficult is that our ShuttleBee "no contact" rule also becomes the rule for all other children that your students interact with on the playground.  I'm prepared to kindly/firmly/consistently adhere to this ask, and I'm sure other students will be adhere to it as well.

I'm happy to talk more, so please don't hesitate to reach out.