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A Wish for Teacher.

"It's a skillset" replied Ms. Teacher (I haven't asked permission to use her name yet) when I was trying explain the difference between a Normal Adult Reaction to Playground Chaos, and the calming, organizing magic that a teacher can bring.

Our Shuttlers are -- in order of importance -- #1, fantastic and trustworthy human beings and #2 -- excellent drivers.  They're great with kids, but they aren't educators, counselors or administrators.

This is why we've started a pilot program to engage teachers in their natural habitat: the school yard.

Bringing the cost of shuttling kids down from the stratisphere depended on a few important factors -- and taking the stress out of fighting against traffic was one of them.  So for our pilot program, we engaged a teacher to stay with students for 15-20 minutes - generally on the playground -- while students are shuttled in batches of 5-to-a-vehicle or less.

We can't pay teachers what we think they deserve.  We never could.  But we did want to offer some incentive (beyond payment) to show our gratitude. 

We try to grant our teacher's wish for her classroom each month.  We don't have a plan, an organization or a limit on the gift, though I did ask that she maybe didn't ask for the Smartboard on Month #1.  So far, the wishes have been small and hopefully helpful, and all have been easily granted by parents in our community.

If you can help with this month's wish, let us know -- it's listed below.  And THANK YOU for supporting this pilot!