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ShuttleBee Job Opportunity (please help!)

August is always traumatizing.  We're heading into a new school year, and I'm bombarded with inquiries from people I can't help.  Some are folks I've spoken with for months.  Some are brand new, just hearing about us.

I should be so lucky that we have more work than we can manage.  So why am I so crushed?

Because for everyone one of you who reaches out, you remind me of me and my all-too-real struggle to solve this problem for my family.  August reminds me of why I started this business in the first place.  Telling people I just can't help is a miserable experience, even when I know I'm doing the most I can while retaining my favorite position of mom to a young child, and wife to an exceptionally-supportive husband who does need me to, well, be available from time to time.

So I'm asking the community for help to fill this role.

I am looking to fill a role that would be equity only (like me) until we secure fundraising.  And even at that point, we would be offering below-market rate for your time until we've achieved the milestones tied to that fundraising.

Consider this opportunity because you believe offering this service is the right thing to do. Also do this because you believe this business has potential, and that your hard work will pay off.

Consider this opportunity because you've always wanted to lauch your own business/startup.  You'll get access to accelerators, incubators and resources -- in Philadelpha and beyond.  

Consider this opportunity there is tremendous value from learning first-hand from someone else's mistakes.

I'm looking to accept help on any commitment level -- from part-time to co-founder.  If you'd like to hear more, please reach out.

THANK YOU for sharing with your network.

Here is the Co-Founder Job Rec.