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You are about to receive good karma.

Dollars received as of 1/28/17: $3 (thanks Mom and 2 friends -- we're .001% of the way there!!!)

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THANK YOU for being concerned about our insurance coverage. . . 

This is a critical component to the business, and the high cost (and difficulty to acquire) is the reason why you don't see an active supply of this service in the market.  

ShuttleBee is committed to solving this problem, and we are in active conversations with multiple partners for long-term solutions.

I am up for the challenge, but I will need active support from our customers.

I'll send out an update to all enrolled participants regarding our fundraising efforts, but our upcoming initiatives include:

  • City-of-Philadelphia sponsored crowdsourcing
  • Parent-supported fundraising events 
  • kickstarter campaign 
  • professional fundraisers to support our goal.
  • campaigns, possible like this one:  ShuttleBee/youcanhelp

Finally, we've just received investment for our first set of technology, which is due to release in the spring.  It's possible we can commercialize this app to contribute towards the solution as well.

Regarding timing, our first insurance payment will be due in August, and we will need to complete our payments in January for the year.  We'll keep an eye on our progress, and we do have many months to raise.

Of course the alternative is to incorporate the cost into the subscription, which of course would drive the fee through the roof.  And of course, we won't be doing.

We hope that parents are as committed as we are to working through this first year through "'insurance purgatory," knowing that their efforts will support this business in years to come.


If you'd like to talk further, please let me know.

THANK YOU for sending $1 to:

Trolley Express Philly DBA ShuttleBee

622 S 4th Street

PO Box 63784

Philadelphia, PA 19147