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2018-2019 ShuttleBee enrollment -- it's here!

We know that enrollment is just the beginning, and we're well on our way towards building a routine travel plan for your child next year.

Now that we’ve kicked off the school year, we’re adding routes on a rolling basis.

Here is our updated FAQ section, which is growing every day.  Send your questions to, and I'll gladly add them to the list!

How does ShuttleBee work? 


What is ShuttleBee’s pricing?

Group Transportation.  For routes that meet our minimum enrollment, most families book our Group Transportation program.  For a set price each month, ShuttleBee offers service covering 180 days, most commonly operating on the School District of Philadelphia calendar. 

Most routes cover two or three pickups, so all families agree to general terms of service that may occasionally face delays due to up-stream impacts.  Families also agree to be sensitive to the impact of delays by regularly sharing attendance updates and schedule changes.  

We ask that families become familiar with Group Transportation by reading our blog.

$199 annual fee per family

$144.95/month for 10 months (prorated for 180 days per school year)

Hourly Rates.  Hourly Rate is a higher-level of service that we can offer on a school-specific calendar.  Organizations and Schools are welcome to book dedicated routes to and from their locations, and can benefit from discounts if we are able to additional seats on those vehicles.   We can also offer Hourly Rates when we don't meet our minimum enrollment for Group Transportation.

$199 annual fee per family

$80/hour for Minivan service, 6 passengers

$84/hour for Minivan service, 8 passengers

$88/hour for Minivan service, 14 passengers

How do I enroll my child?

For Group Transportation, enrollment begins in February, contracts begin in March and routes are finalized no later than May 30.  All routes must be tested during the school year to ensure that they meet both our timing goals, and deliver to expectations.

After the start of the school year, ShuttleBee can be booked on a rolling basis.

We will be testing Chauffeur service in May, for roll out in the fall.  Stay tuned!

Improvements to our service: 

We are building a small fleet for next year, which will consist of a mix between late-model minivans and 14-passenger daycare busses.  We do have limited availability, and are offering contracts for the fall.

What about my pickup time and location preferences?

Group Transportation: When we enroll six students or less, these routes must merge transportation plans with a second route to offer group transportation rates.  In these cases, the arrival times might be less ideal, since we'll be working two separate pickup and drop-off programs.  Parents can opt to pay for a higher tier of service (Hourly Service) to achieve optimum arrival times).  Or, when enrollment is at 9-14 passengers, we can dedicate a single vehicle to the route, ensuring the arrival time that more closely aligns to a group's preference. 

We will not build routes where children arrive late to school.  We may engage teachers to supervise children on the playground while they wait for their shuttle to arrive.

A note about attendance

We are developing technology to make ShuttleBee safer and even more reliable, which includes an attendance and communication app. We’re fundraising the final leg of our goal. If you’d like to contribute to our cause, you donation will help us reach out goal faster!


Please reach out with questions, and thanks!

Ready to Move forward?  Your Annual Family Enrollment Fee is refundable up until the point you sign our contract.

Submit your Annual Family Enrollment Fee electronically below, or mail a check to:



3401 Market Street Suite 200

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Finally, our contract is still a work in progress, but you can take a preview below.

Can you just summarize the contract for me? 

While we highly encourage you to review our contract carefully, here are the highlights:

Our contract will cover three tiers of service:  Group Transportation, Hourly Service or Chauffeur Service.

Group Transportation programs create optimal pricing by stringing several routes together.  All route logistics will be tested and confirmed by the end of the school year, and parents agree to the limitations of the route as described.   If these limitations are not acceptable, we recommend parents book a higher level of service.

Hourly Service will cover fixed dates with no restrictions except availability.

Chauffeur Service is available to all enrolled in Group Transportation or Hourly Service, or as a separate stand-alone service.

  • Group Transportation is offered on the School District of Philadelphia calendar. Additional service may be available for additional cost.

  • Group Transportation contracts are offered for the duration of the school year, unless otherwise noted.

  • ShuttleBee does not operate Group Transportation service on the first day of school.

  • Delays early in our route may impact downstream arrivals.

  • ShuttleBee may engage teachers and support staff to stay with students up to 25 minutes after dismissal to accommodate a second pickup, allowing us to meet our minimum enrollment levels for service at our given price-point. Preference for early pickups will be given to younger students.

  • “Permission to Coach” model means that safety procedures are paramount, but that ShuttleBee is not creating redundant backup procedures to cover the costs to cover or compensate for driver coaching opportunities that could lead to delays. Examples are covered in out Blog. (This isn't in the contract, but important to know before signing on!)

  • Early dismissals due to weather cannot be accommodated, and while we'll do everything possible to maintain continuity, ShuttleBee may decline to offer service in unsafe driving conditions.

After I enroll, what's next? 

Once we confirm that we have reached our minimum enrollment levels to move forward, we'll reach out to confirm the exact details of your route and schedule a test drive.  We'll look to replicate real-time experience as closely as possible, which will vary from route to route.  We'll keep you informed, and you'll sign our contract after details are completed and you're happy with the specifics.

Many thanks!

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