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Greenfield Morning and Afterschool Pickup Procedures

Please remember to log absences and schedule updates through the PikMyKid app.  You can find instructions and send us your notification preferences here.

Your route monitor will be Patty Grant.  You can reach her at 303 875 7789.

You can always reach Kristina @ 215 687 0325 or at

Photo Credit:  TBD, Please help us find a great photo!!!

Photo Credit:  TBD, Please help us find a great photo!!!

Morning Arrival:

Children may arrive on the playground between 7:50AM and 8:15AM.  Kindergartners are escorted into their classrooms, and older children are released to the playground until the morning bell rings at 8:20AM.  THIS INFORMATION IS TBD UNTIL CONFIRMED

After school Pickup Times:

Kindergarten dismissal begins at 2:50 and ends at 3. 

Other grades 1-8 dismiss at 3 pm.

At 3:05 students in grades 1 & 2 are brought to the office.

The last pickup is at 3:05PM.

Pickups for after-school activities vary, but are generally around 4PM

Pickup Locations:

Pickup is held in the Greenfield playground. Students in K-2 are dismissed by teacher in their school lines. Students in grades 3-8 are dismissed at 3 to find their pick ups. Driver will park the vehicle and sign children out with their respective teachers as needed.


Families, please reach out to Greenfield Elementary administration to confirm that ShuttleBee has permission to pick up your children. ShuttleBee has provided a list of enrolled children to the front desk.

ShuttleBee will confirm receipt prior to your child's first day on board.

School Contacts:  Principal Lazar

(215) 299-3566