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ShuttleBee Onboarding for Supervisors


Schedule an Interview

We are looking for kind, reliable adults who are great with kids to complete daily walking and driving routes -- as daily and backups. Would you like to hear more about the role to see if it's a good fit?  Please schedule time to chat below.

Schedule a Drivers TEst

If invited  to the next round, you'll be asked to complete a driving test to evaluate your driving skills.  Only excellent drivers are chosen, those who score an 8,9 or 10 on a 10-point scale.

Drivers will be asked to driver a specific route, which will vary by test-taker.  Right now, tests are given in West Philly.  We have plans to expand into different areas.

Missed tests cannot be rescheduled.

While vehicles are not needed to drive with ShuttleBee, for safety and liability purposes, you will be asked to bring a vehicle to the test. Please be sure to bring your licence, insurance and registration.


Complete Background Checks

Drivers and walking supervisors will be asked to complete a series of background checks, including an FBI Fingerprint Check.  Please note, the fingerprint check takes two to three weeks before we receive results.


Attend on-boarding session, Submit Paperwork

Employment verification, IRS forms and contracts must be electronically viewed and signed.  ShuttleBee future drivers/supervisors must complete video training as part of the onboarding process.


Take Drivers Test #2

Once on-boarded, we'll evaluate drivers to ensure that they are prepared to safely drive with children.  We're partnering with Diagnostic Driving for simulated evaluations and driver feedback.

REview Route

If you on-board as a backup driver, you are eligible to ride along with existing routes.  Once ride-along is complete, you are eligible as a backup for that route.  Please keep in mind that you can ride along as many routes as you like, but you will not be paid for this time.  This takes the place of the in-person on-boarding session, listed above.


Complete onboarding

You'll receive training to complete your route.  You'll download apps, register yourself with various schools and programs.

You can also use this page to reach out to your route monitor using the chat tool:

You can find your school's procedures here.