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Martial Posture & Move Makers Arrival

Please remember to log absences and schedule updates through the PikMyKid app.  You can find instructions and send us your notification preferences here.

Your route monitor will be Patty Grant.  You can reach her at 303 875 7789, and at

You can always reach Kristina @ 215 687 0325 or at

Entrance from 23rd Street

Entrance from 23rd Street

After school Arrival:

Arrivals are scheduled for 3:45 wherever possible. 

Arrival Locations:

Children will be dropped off either in front of the school, or behind the school -- as traffic and original direction of route dictate.


Contacts:  Ish @ 215-850-2484; Vince @ 215-900-0211

2100 Walnut Street Philadlephia, PA 

(215) 987-3857