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ShuttleBee Onboarding


If your child is absent or does not need service, please make every effort to let us know by 11AM the day of.   I'm afraid we cannot easily accept updates on the playground, so thanks for your help while we develp tech to assist us track and manage attendance updates.

We track attendance by app and plan our routes accordingly.  Also, if we can't find your child at pickup, we'll reach out to parents to confirm -- which can cause delays on our route and extensions that can drive up the cost of our service.  

We ask that you're regularily available by text or phone during the pickup routine so we can valiadate your child's attendance as needed.

The link is:

First Day.

It is very important that you let your school know that ShuttleBee has permission to pick up your child.  The primary point of contact is Kristina Fahl, and my number is 1-484-324-2559

Our profiles for approved shuttlers will be listed here:

Please let them know that our approved shuttlers are posted at the link above.  Ask what further information we need to provide to the front desk before the first day of school.  Please also ask what process we should follow, should our main shuttler become absent and we send a back-up driver or supervisor.

We know that procedures change from year to year, and that it is challenging for us to connect with schools when they are busy prepping for day #1 as well. Thank you for your help to make our day #1 transition as smooth as possible.

Also, please know that we generally do expeience a number of hickups on that first day as schools validate our permissions, so we ask for your patience in advance.  

Annual Fee and Contract.

If you haven't already done so, please submit your annual fee and contract.  If we receive your contract/annual fee after August 20th, we may need to delay your child's start date.

Emergency Contact Info

Please complete this form no later than August 20.  Any delays may impact your child's' first day of school.

Schedule Change Request

If your schedule varies from the previously published schedule, please submit a change request.  We will accomidate requests based on timing, our current schedule and ability to train our drivers on the change.


Life 360

For families on an AM route, we'll use push notifications via Life360 to notify parents when a vehicle is near a pickup location.  For afterschool routes, we'll use this tool to confirm attendance and let families know that pickups are complete.

Please let us know when you've downloaded Life36.  Once all of your paperwork is complete, we'll send you instructions on how to join your childs' "circle" and information about your routine shuttler.

Please use this tool to communicate with us en route.  We're developing a propriatary tool that we plan to roll out in 2018/2019.


Payment using PaySimple

Recurring ACH debits will be collected via PaySimple on the 25th for the next month of service.

This payment will expire after 10 months.

I'm afraid we are working to keep costs as low as possible, so we cannot accept credit card payments at this time.  


If you choose to pay by check, please submit your first two months of payment by August 25th.  The second payment will be applied to your last month. You can mail a check to us at:

Innovaction Center ic@3401

Attention: ShuttleBee

3401 Market Street Suite 200

Philadelphia, PA 19104


Operating Calendar

Unless otherwise discussed, ShuttleBee operates on the School District of Philadelphia calendar.  

Please let us know about any unscheduled calendar conflicts.  Even when schools follow the school district's schedules, sometimes individual school calendars may conflict.  We ask parents to let us know when this may happen.

Monthly conflicts will be posted on each school procedure page.  Please see below for details.


School Pickup Procedures

Each school has a page that outlines all pickup procedures, points of contacts and calendar-- if different than the School District of Philadelphia.

You can also use this page to reach out to your route monitor using the chat tool:


Please become familiar with our enrollment procedures.  For example:  since our drivers are not engaged before your child's route, we cannot accomidate unscheduled early dismissals at this time.  Please read on for details, and reach out if you have questions.