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ShuttleBee Center City

updated 11/28/17


Our 2018-2017 program is under revision and will be published by January 1, 2019.

All spots are monthly, subscription-based for daily one-way service operating on the School District of Philadelphia's calendar, unless our group travelers agreement reflects something different. 

Travel will be booked as a group, with a term (usually one school year) that group members agree to honor.  Once enrolled, families will be responsible for filling spots of they need to terminate early.

The cost of travel will be divided by the number of participants.

ShuttleBee doesn't look like anything else out there, so we'll say that we're a transportation service that specialized in group travel for kids. 

We'll write more about the limitations of our service soon, and we've started to organize some information here.   ShuttleBee offers the "spirit airlines" package of travel.  We're happy to offer premium services to supplement our basic product offer.  

Our goal is to offer reasonably-priced transportation options with safety as our highest priority.  We know that all families don't fit within a one-size-fits-all solution, so we'll work to make sure you understand how service works, and what we can do to supplement.

To register and hold your child's spot, we're requesting an annual family fee to cover the cost of on-boarding one driver, and one back-up driver.  You can start the registration process below (starting January 1).

Your annual fee will be refunded if we cannot offer your spot.

If you're not looking for daily service, families are welcome to coordinate to split enrollment so that provided daily service requests do not overlap.  

Example:  Family #1: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Family #2: Thursday, Friday.  Cost split: 60%/40%.


AFTERSCHOOL Penn Alexander to Martial Posture/ MoveMakers

We have 1 spot available heading to classes at 2300 Walnut.

Afterschool Powel to UCAL

We have 3 spots available heading to classes at UCAL.

AFTERSCHOOL NEXT UP -- Greenfield to trapezium math Club

We we have 1 spot available from Greeenfield.

Afterschool St. Mary's @ 500 Locust, Kindergarten

We have 4 spots available heading to Northern Liberties/ Fishtown or Center City.

Afterschool SLAM

We have 2 spots available to Center City

Afterschool ICS

We have 2 spots available to Center City, not including service on Wednesdays.

Afterschool NEXT UP -- Meredith & McCall to Center city

We are now on-boarding, booking 4 spots.

Afterschool TPS or Greenfield

We have two spots heading to Center City or Bella Vista, and one MWF spot available.  One is tenatively reserved.