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Please help us find a great photo (or get photo rights for use for this one!)

Please help us find a great photo (or get photo rights for use for this one!)

ShuttleBee to PALUMBO!

We are thrilled to open enrollment for a minivan shuttle from Jackson to Palumbo for your child's safe-and-convenient after-school transportation, starting in January.

We're currently looking for participants to test this route for a few days in December.  We'll evaluate timing, iron out procedures and deliver a plan to prospective families before enrollment is complete.

Pricing will depend on the number of participants, and we're looking to begin a route in January.  We'll reduce our annual family enrollment fee for the first 5 participants to $49, and we're looking to offer routes for $129-$149/month.

Our driver for this route will be an employee, which adds substantial cost to our service.  We're developing our pricing for 2018-2019, so please -- weigh in, let us know what is important to you! 

Parents will be provided with an extensive plan that covers:

  • pick-up and drop-off procedures
  • our attendance-tracking and GPS tools
  • how to reach our on-call route monitor while your children are travelling

Finally, please review our blog to read about our first year of service, and limitations to our offerings as they apply to group pricing.  I'm sure you have many questions, which we'd be thrilled to help answer for you along the way.

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