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Penn Alexander After School Pickup Procedures

Please remember to log absences and schedule updates through the PikMyKid app.  You can find instructions and send us your notification preferences here.

Your route monitor will be Patty Grant.  You can reach her at 303 875 7789, and at

You can always reach Kristina @ 215 687 0325 or at

Photo Credit:  TBD, Please help us find a great photo!!!

Photo Credit:  TBD, Please help us find a great photo!!!

After school Pickup Times:

Dismissal is at 3:09pm.  Latest time to pick up is 3:20pm. 

Pickup Locations:

Pick-up is on 43rd Street (between Spruce & Locust) on "the blacktop". For the first day, driver should park and exit van and introduce him/herself to staff outside (bring ID!). Staff will get the students. Once staff knows driver, driver can pull up to the blacktop (on 43rd St between Spruce & Locust) and staff will bring students to the van. Penn Alexander said the area can get pretty congested with pick-ups so if driver arrived closer to 3:00pm it would be easier for driver.

*They said they are flexible on pick-up location, so if the location isn't working for driver, than together we can figure out an alternative place for pick-up.*


Penn Alexander will need a written note from parents (which can be sent to the office) telling them ShuttleBee will pick their student up.

ShuttleBee will confirm receipt prior to your child's first day on board.

School Contacts:  Megan Wapner - Dean of Students, Michael Farrell - Principal

4209 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

(215) 400-7760