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All Aboard the Shuttle Express!

Ready to join our travel adventures?  Take these steps to begin the enrollment process.


Register Your route

Ready to enroll?  Let us match your route with other kids traveling in the same direction. 

For morning service, you'll tell us exactly where you'd like your child to be picked up -- whether it's a local coffee shop (ask about our month of free-coffee offers as a THANK YOU for supporting local biz) or in front of your home. 

For afternoon and evening service (covering travel between 5:30-6:30PM), we'll need to confirm the details of your destination and participation from your after-care provider.

Kids aged PreK through Grade 5 will travel with a Supervisor on board the vehicle.


Electronically Sign our Contract

After participating with our test routes, parents will be asked to commit to one school year of service.  If you decide to discontinue your service, you will be assessed a cancellation fee.

This process allows us to ensure the integrity of our service for all parents throughout the school year without disturbance.

Our service is subsidized in part with advertising from local business.  You'll receive our Shuttle Epxress activity book with kid-friendly activities that feature local businesses.

Once enrolled, we'll send you enrollment info for Slack and our GPS tracking tool.


Slack | GPS tracking

Our Shuttle Express team member will monitor Slack during transit as it is safe to do so.  Running late?  Want to see pictures of the day's activities? Want to make sure your little bean remembered their lunch?  Engage with us on our Slack Channel.

Parents can request automated alerts -- by text or by email -- when vehicles approach their stop, or when your child arrives at their destination.  GPS tracking is accurate up to ten seconds, and will notify parents when it's time to depart for a pick-up location.