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Route #7

Vehicle Pickup:

Since you have a car (and you don't need to book a minivan), you can pick up the vehicle at any location near 4th and Bainbridge.

The lot we generally use is between 4th and 5th on Bainbridge.  You can't park your personal car there, but can park on 6th Street between Bainbridge and Christian for free for 2 hours.

While training, we'll begin the reservation at 2:30, which means you can enter the car at 2:15.

After training, we'll ask you to book the car from 3-4PM.  You can enter the car at 2:45.

Stop #1: Nebinger @ 601 Carpenter St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Pickup: Xander @2:50 Monday through Thursday

Stop #2 Drop off Xander @ 1324 Moore Street

Stop #3: FRIDAY PICKUP IS AT 3PM, NOT 3:15.  Monday-Thursday, Pick up is at 3:15.

Pick up Sasha and Maia at The Philadelphia School Early Learning Center.  This is NOT the first location you'll see on Lombard street.  This building is on 25th between South and Lombard.


Stop #4: Drop off Maia  @ 514 S 8th Street

Stop #5: Drop off Sasha at Home ALL DAYS EXCEPT THURSDAY @ 112 Bainbridge

Stop #5: Drop off Sasha at Philly Art Center on Thursday.  Please park the car and walk Sasha in.