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Route E — Morning AIM route


Arrival @ AIM is 3PM, check in is at 2PM.

Parents can drop off Middle School and Upper School students on Germantown Avenue in front of the Friends Free Library or in the drop-off lane on Coulter Street.

We allows students to be dropped off on the right hand side of Coulter Street (between Germantown Avenue and the crosswalk).

Dropping off is not permitted due to safety concerns in the following locations:

on the left side of Coulter Street alongside Hargrovesin the parking lot behind Admissions/Wade/Hargroveson the right side of Coulter Street past the crosswalk

Drop-off Line Etiquette

In order to keep the line safe and moving, you must adhere to the following protocols:

Students should be ready to get out once the vehicle is in the drop-off line and the traffic has stopped.Once they are stopped along the curb line, students may exit only on the curb side of the street.  

Parents/caregivers/drivers should not exit the vehicle to help students unload. If extra time is needed, pull into the Pennsbury Playground parking lot to temporarily park and drop off there.  Parents can also temporarily park on Germantown Ave. in the area of the Friends Free Library and students can enter through the Library.Keep up with the car in front of you.Do not try to jump out of line or merge earlier than directed. Wait to merge at the direction of security in the area right before the crosswalk on Coulter Street.The first five, six, or seven cars should be discharging their students then all exit into traffic together when directed by security. This keeps the flow moving and allows the line to work more efficiently.  Students must cross at the crosswalk; they should not jaywalk and cross from the car directly to Hargroves, as this is dangerous.Please be courteous, patient, and refrain from cell phone use.

Thank you! Adherence to these guidelines will make a more pleasant morning for everyone.