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SCH Academy Center City Transportation Routes

Please download the Life360 app to follow your route by GPS (and please remember to turn OFF your location-sharing inside the app). Invitation codes expire after just a few days, so please request a new code if you haven't "'joined a circle.”   Scroll down to find your route at the bottom of the page.

These codes expire every few days. Please reach out if you need new codes. These were posted 9/12.

Morning Center-City Route Invite Code: CMY-NJN

Morning Fairmount Route Invite Code: GXS-JYQ

FALL 3:30 Afterschool Route Invite Code: UZP-WEA

 FALL 5:30 Afterschool Route Invite Code: QNB-NZC

NEW for 2018-2019: We will offer two fantastic safety features in the coming year.  First, we're building a new app to capture attendance updates.  We're also partnering with a local company to offer in-vehicle and GPS monitoring.  Stay tuned!

You can view driver profiles Here.  Stephen will return as our Afterschool driver.  Mona will be the driver for our Center City morning route and afterschool route.  Iayisha will be our Morning driver for the Fairmount route.

Your on-call route monitor phone number is 484 324 2559.

You can always reach Kristina @ 215 687 0325 or at

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SCH Transportation Liaison: Heather Murphy Monteith at or #215 247-7940 (desk) or #215 247-7940 (cell)

Auxiliary Program Assistant, Center City Transportation Coordinator: Kathy Huff #215 261-6826 (desk) or

SCH After Care Center:  Laura Cortes #215 247-7272 (desk) or


  • Transportation Coordinator; AM Support Carol Allison: | 215- 754-1649 | ext. 1145


  • PM Transportation Support; Pascale | 215-247-7200 | ext. 4201

  • Transportation Coordinator; AM Support Carol Allison | 215- 754-1649 | ext. 1145


  • PM Transportation Support; Pascale | 215-247-7200 | ext. 4201

  • Aftercare and Enrichment Center (Cherokee Campus): Laura Cortes | 215- 247-7272